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Wheat Plait Cushion and Throw

Wheat Plait Cushion and Throw


The cushion features a representation of a Countryman's favour (made from plaited wheat) and the throw combines several great textures togther with plaited circles and a central plaited heart.

40 cm (16 inch) Duck Feather Cushion Pad:

Quantity:  at  £35.00  each

The stunning colours used in this design are intended to conjour up images of ripe wheat fields during the harvest season and, as with all EmmaRose kits the pattern leaflet contains detailed instructions, including technique tips and explanations of the stitches used.

The front of the cushion features plaited 'I cords' worked into a simple shape reminiscent of the Countryman's favours that farmworkers would make from heads of wheat to give to their loved ones. The golden side panels are heavily textured to represent the corn stubble after the harvest.

The accompanying throw is made up of 25 squares worked in 5 strips and the four different textures have been chosen for their similarity to haystack, corn stubble and grains of wheat. The plain squares are also decorated with plaited 'I cords' to add further interest and depth to the design.

Materials Used:

King Cole PriceWise DK and King Cole Big Vakue - both soft and vibrant 100% premium acrylic yarns, machine washable at 40 degrees.


Cushion Cover fits a 40 cm (16 inch) cushion pad and the throw is approximately 104 x 109 cm (41 x 43 inches).

Included in the Kit: 

Pattern Leaflet

Sufficient yarn to complete both the cushion cover and the throw.

Satin Ribbon

Optional Item:

Cushion pad