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Celtic Knot Cushion Cover

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Celtic Knot Cushion Cover

Dating back to pre-Christian times there are many representations of Celtic knots, their main feature being that they have no beginning or end, symbolic of nature in its constant act of death, rebirth and renewal.

In keeping with this connection to nature it seemed neutral, earthy shades would make a good colour choice, ranging from brown and beige, through to terracotta reds and even creams and white. 100% wool also felt like the right fibre choice.


Blog celtic knot cushion cover

The smooth twists and turns required to create a knot can be created with the use of cable stitches but for this collection I wanted something a little different. This is where the idea of using I-cords made sense as they are easy to make and capable of endless manipulation.

As you can see from the concept board the knot design used on this cushion is based on actual knot designs, and shows the beautiful effect that can be created by knotwork.

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