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Cross Stitch Basics - Needles

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Needles used for cross stitch


To avoid damage to the fabric the needles used for cross stitch are usually tapestry needles as they are quite blunt. The size of needle is dependent on the fabric type and the fabric count as using too large a needle will result in the holes of the fabric becoming stretched and distorted.

The following chart shows the needle sizes most commonly used


Tapestry Needle Size       Aida                 Evenweave

18                                     6 – count

20                                     8 – count

22                                    11 – count         22, 25 & 27 – count

24                                    14 – count         28 – count

26                                    16 – count         32 – count

28                                    18 – count         36 & 55 – count

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