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We wanted to create a blog that would become a handy reference tool and for this reason you will find most of our posts relate to craft techniques and skills, with a few added extras here and there. We hope you find it useful and that you will visit often.

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  1. Art Deco 'Graduated Columns' Cushion Cover

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    Art Deco Graduated Columns Cushion Cover

    Art Deco was a popular design movement from the 1920’s to 1930’s, a movement between the two World Wars. It affected all forms of art from architecture, interior design, sculpture, furniture, industrial design and visual arts such as fashion, clothing, jewellery, paintings, graphic arts and film.

    Art Deco style is elegant, functional, streamlined and geometrical. The style began as a Modernist response in opposition to Art Nouveau styling which featured elaborate, flowing natural forms plus female imagery.  Bold colour schemes were used such as silver, black, chrome, yellow, red, creams, greens, beige or oyster and eau-de-nil.  In keeping with this bold idea black seemed a good background colour, with the use of strong coppers and bright turquoise.  100% wool also felt like the right fibre choice.


    Blog art deco graduated columns cushion cover

    Columns feature often in Art Deco architecture, but not purely as functional. The straight, symmetrical lines of columns were both geometrically pleasing and also a stark contrast to the flowing curves that took centre stage with Art Nouveau.

    The strong lines are frequently seen not only in architecture but also interior design where the linear symmetry is replicated in both furniture and soft furnishings.

  2. Easter Bunny Cushion Cover

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    Easter Bunny Cushion Cover

    Although Easter is perceived by many to be a Christian celebration centred on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, its origins date back much further.

    Saxon goddess Eostre, goddess of fertility and rebirth, was honoured by pagan worshipers every spring and was often presented with a basket of eggs – a symbol of new growth and new life reminiscent of spring. The rabbit (well known for its propensity for rapid reproduction) was her sacred animal. Eostre's feast day was held on the first full moon following the vernal equinox, and this is a similar calculation as is used for Easter among Western Christians. 


    Blog easter bunny cushion cover

    As a seasonal item intended as a light hearted way to decorate the home for Easter, we felt a good quality synthetic yarn would be the right fibre choice. We opted for bright colours as spring is a season of hope and renewal when the light returns after the dark months of winter, and the world seems a brighter place.